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Why You Should Use SPF Everyday

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We have all heard, “put sunscreen on or you’ll regret it later,” but we are never really told how much to put on and how often. Usually, you show up to the pool, slather yourself up and jump right in, spending your whole time in the water. But do you need to put it on more than once, even if it’s an overcast day with no sun peeking through the clouds? The answer is yes, and we are going to explain why.

Sunscreen is crucial when it comes to skincare. It is the one thing that keeps you from soaking in all of the harmful UV rays the sun is pouring onto you. Regular use helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging. Even so, there are a lot of things that need to be clarified about how we are supposed to use sunscreen. At Fairlawn Aesthetics, we wanted to explain how to properly use SPF so you can keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy.

While no sunscreen is completely 100 percent UV-proof, it is essential to know how to use it properly to get the most out of your SPF. You want to put a thick layer of sunscreen on your body before going out in the sun. The usual rule of thumb is one tablespoon for your face; you’ll want at least an SPF 25 or higher for your face and about two ounces for the rest of your body. If you apply too thin of a layer, you can reduce the effectiveness of your sun lotion by a lot. For reference, you could be putting on SPF 30 but only get the efficacy of an SPF 10 lotion. So don’t be afraid to go for it.

Another rule is to never apply sunscreen directly to your face. You want to rub it on your hands and then spread it on your face. This is because you want sunscreen to absorb quickly, and you want even coverage throughout. You also want to use sunscreen daily, and yes, we mean it. Even when it’s cloudy, the clouds do not protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, so you must always be protected. You will want to give your sunscreen about 20 minutes to kick in before going out. And lastly, you will want to reapply your sunscreen every 90 minutes. This is because many sunscreens become unstable when exposed to light, losing their effectiveness over time. You’ll want to reapply as long as you are out in the sun. We offer SPFs in our skincare lines at Fairlawn Aesthetics that are specially formulated to give you the best results when these rules are followed. You can call us at 330-801-9069 or visit our website if you have any questions about our products.

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