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Medical Grade Skin Care

We take your skin seriously.

We offer our own line of medical-grade skin care as well as other product lines. Visit our practice areas near Fairlawn and Ontario, Ohio! At Fairlawn Aesthetic, we have two full-time estheticians who specialize in full-body waxing, custom facials, and peels. In addition, we offer three different skincare lines for our patients at our Fairlawn and Ontario offices.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone’s mission is to create the best conditions to support the comfort zone of our skin and our planet today and tomorrow. We are committed to being the best for the world, creators of a good life for all, through beauty, ethics, and sustainability. With 20 years of professional spa expertise, our research and development laboratory delivers high-end, clean, result-driven, sustainable skincare. Our products are manufactured in our Davines Village in Parma, Italy. Our philosophy is conscious skin science.

Mansfield Skin Treatments
Mansfield Skin Treatments


Skinmedica uses clinically tested ingredients to formulate advanced skin care products. Our skin biologists and formulation scientists are constantly innovating to deliver remarkable results for all skin types. We are committed to advancing the science of skin rejuvenation through research and innovation. Our products work with your skin’s natural healing properties to help you achieve transformative results from the inside out. 

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