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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a personal journey. Our program offers a custom solution to your individual needs. If you are experiencing hot flashes, fatigue, low libido, insomnia, mood swings, brain fog, or weight gain, this could be from a hormonal imbalance. Through hormone pellet therapy, we can have you feeling like yourself again through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

What does Hormone Replacement Therapy involve?

The first step to hormone replacement therapy is a consultation with one of our doctors. We will discuss your symptoms, complete the necessary panels to determine where you are lacking, and will create a plan. We use bioidentical hormone pellets from SottoPelle which are a natural, safe and effective form of hormone replacement therapy.

Once implanted, pellets function automatically by releasing hormones into the bloodstream in small increments daily. When the body requires additional hormones, such as during times of stress or exercise, it responds by delivering more. Compared to other hormone delivery methods like capsules, pills, creams, or patches, pellets offer a unique advantage in maintaining a consistent blood level of estrogen or testosterone.

how many sottopelle hormone treatments do i need?

The number of SottoPelle treatments a person needs can vary depending on several factors, including their individual hormone levels, symptoms, and response to treatment. Typically, individuals undergo SottoPelle therapy in cycles, with pellets implanted every few months to maintain optimal hormone levels. Our doctors will assess your progress and adjust your treatment plan accordingly based on your specific needs and response to therapy.

will i feel results right away?

The time it takes to feel the results of SottoPelle therapy can vary from person to person. Some individuals may start noticing improvements within a few weeks, while for others, it may take several months to experience the full benefits of the treatment.


Scheduling can be done through Vagaro, Facebook, Instagram, or by calling or texting 330-801-9069.


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I am so pleased with my results. I went to Dr McDaniel for sculptra after loosing a ton of weight from an autoimmune disease. I looked so gaunt and sick from my illness. I looked 10 years older. After getting sculptra from Dr McDaniel, I look amazing. Plus I feel so much better about myself. I highly recommend Dr McDaniel at Fairlawn Aesthestics. . He is honest and extremely good at what he does. His staff are also awesome I am truly grateful
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Love Dr. McDaniel! He is knowledgeable, friendly, talented & honest. I am so pleased with my treatments and the results are always better than I expected. Sculptra is incredible!
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