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botox treatmens in northeastern ohio

Better with BOTOX?

You’re looking in the mirror and don’t like your reflection. You see lines around your mouth, lines creasing your forehead, and lines around your eyes.

new year sparkler

New Year, Better Skin

Take on the new year and the new decade with skin that looks better than ever. Dr. McDaniel uses the latest technology to help diminish

Female hand holds hip, cellulite

Cryo T-Shock Benefits

Cryo-T shock is a revolutionary fat loss treatment with many questions surrounding it. We hear clients asking the same few things a lot, “How does

Portrait of an Older Woman with Beautiful Skin

Fight the Signs of Aging

We’ve never met a client that didn’t want healthier, younger-looking skin. Let’s face it; your face is frequently the first impression someone has of you.

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