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Weight Loss and Sculpting Treatments for a New Year and New You

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Fairlawn Aesthetic MD

As we close in on the end of 2019, it’s time that we start thinking about resolutions for the new year. From weight loss goals and a contoured body to healthy and glowing skin Fairlawn Aesthetic can help you meet the personal aesthetic goals you’re setting for 2020.

1. Weight Loss Treatment

cryo t-shock before and after pictures
Cryo T-Shock Before and After

For patients looking to reduce stubborn fat in places like the belly, Cryo T Shock is recommended. Fairlawn Aesthetic MD is proud to be the first facility in Ohio to offer this innovative fat loss treatment. Cryo Slimming utilizes thermal shock to destroy fat, or adipose, cells with damaging the skin. The process of exposing the cells to heat, prolonged cold, and then heat again lowers the cell temperature and leads to controlled cell death called apoptosis. Depending on the treatment area size and reduction needed, you may need 3-5 sessions over several weeks or months for optimum results.

2.Fillers and Skin Treatment

lip filler treatment before and after pics
Lip Filler Treatment Before and After

Botox and dermal fillers have been a popular skin treatment for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and augmentation for many years. Botulinum Toxin, the scientific term for Botox, helps stop the formation of wrinkles by interrupting the nerves that force facial muscles to contract. Patients won’t lose any facial feeling, however the restricted movement will help prevent the skin from crinkling and forming fine lines and wrinkles. Often times we pair Botox skin treatments with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers allow us to plump the skin to make wrinkles less noticeable and add volume to thin areas, like the lips.

To get a head start on your New Year Resolutions and improve the look of your skin or increase fat loss, schedule an appointment with Dr. McDaniel of Fairlawn Aesthetic. Conveniently located in Fairlawn, Ohio we are a quick trip from both Cleveland and Akron. Appointments are required, and you will have a brief consultation before your aesthetic skincare treatment. For questions or to schedule a skin treatment or weightloss treatment, call 330-801-9069.