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The Truth About Botox

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You’ve heard all the negative talk about Botox:

“Botox is toxic for your skin.”

“It’s so unnatural.”

“Don’t screw up your face.”

“You don’t need that filler.”

There are many misconceptions about Botox treatment, and it often gets a bad rep because it is regarded as unsafe, unnatural, and unnecessary. Keep reading on as we expose each of these three myths. But have you heard the truth in all the noise?

#1: Botox is Unsafe

The idea that Botox is unsafe is centered around its main ingredient: botulinum. In high percentages, botulinum is considered a toxin and can be deadly. In controlled dosages, it can safely and effectively produce the muscle paralysis effects that Botox is known for. However, if you are considering Botox injections, it is very important to visit an experienced professional so that the dosage is spread evenly and is injected into the correct muscle.

#2: Botox is Unnatural

Because Botox is a bacteria, it is entirely natural. Botulinum, although a toxin, is made by naturally occurring bacteria, many found in the body. In incorrect dosages, Botox may look unnatural. However, improper administration is responsible for unnatural-looking effects, while the product is not.

#3 Botox is Unnecessary

It may seem that Botox is a superficial, unnecessary solution for anti-aging. However, there are other uses besides this. We can use its paralysis properties to help treat neck spasms, chin soreness, migraines, and chronic pains. Some people find that life is easier to manage with Botox.

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