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Can You Remove Sunspots and Hair at the Same Time?

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As we age, everyday exposure to the sun eventually manifests itself in sunspots, also called age spots. The uneven skin tone caused by that makes a face look tired and more worn. Women often try to use more makeup products to cover up the spots, but layering lots of products on the skin is never ideal.

Some women have super fine facial hair, while others have to face the issue of getting rid of their facial hair daily, which leads us to mention another hassle of aging for many women: the growth of visible facial hair. Some women are naturally more hirsute than others, based on genetics. Still, it is a common issue for some darker hair growth to occur as they grow older. Menopause can also lead to an increase in the androgen to estrogen level due to estrogen levels declining at this stage of a woman’s life, leading to excess hair growth on the face.

laser hair removal akron ohio
Before and after IPL skin rejuvination.

No matter the reasons, these issues can make a woman feel unattractive and old. As previously mentioned, there is makeup to deal with the sunspots. There are also myriad ways to remove facial hair, ranging from shaving to depilatory creams and the old stand-by: tweezers. Trying to deal with both sunspots and excess facial hair can be daunting. Can we deal with both problems in one aesthetic treatment?

Enter IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Technology! IPL is a multi-faceted technology delivering innovative and lasting aesthetic results targeting acne, pigmented, and vascular lesions and reducing hair. IPL is not a laser. Multiple light waves penetrate down to the second layer of skin, where the imperfections are destroyed while being minimally invasive.

before and after pictures IPL photorejuvination
Before and after IPL skin rejuvination.

One of the benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation is extremely little downtime, and you can continue with regular activity. You might experience a feeling similar to a sunburn for a few hours. The treated skin will continue to be sensitive for a few days following the treatment. Another benefit is that the treatment is not limited to your face. Hands, upper chest, and more can benefit from IPL technology!

laser hair removal akron ohio
Before and after IPL skin rejuvination.

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