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Latisse: What it can do for you

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Have you ever had issues putting on your mascara OR putting too much on to try and make your lashes look more prominent? The problem may not be your ability to use the makeup that you have in your vanity, as opposed to what YouTube makeup tutors may have you think. Your growth and the natural size of your lashes could be the problem. Fortunately, Fairlawn Aesthetics can now offer you Latisse to help improve your eyelash length and volume!

latisse eyelashes before and after

Latisse was first created in 2001 by Allergan, and like many great inventions, it was discovered by accident. Initially, as part of a medicated eye drop solution to treat inner-eye pressure, people taking the eye drops started to realize that their eyelashes grew unexpectedly larger and thicker than ever before. Therefore, Latisse was born! It was found that the active ingredient, bimatoprost, could be used to grow lashes exclusively after an intensive study by Allergan. After the studies, Latisse was approved by the FDA in 2008, helping many people to rid themselves of embarrassment over inadequate lashes and be comfortable using and wearing all their makeup products again. If following the once-nightly usage guide, full growth of lashes usually takes place within 16 weeks of starting treatment.

If you’ve ever felt underwhelmed by the fullness, length, or overall look of your eyelashes, Fairlawn Aesthetics may be able to help you by seeing if you qualify for the usage of Latisse to help you end the embarrassment and grow the lashes that you’ve always wanted! Along with treating eyelashes with Latisse, Fairlawn also deals with tattoo removal, facial lifts, botox treatments, and fat loss procedures. If you are interested in any of these aesthetic services, check out the included links or call us at 330-801-9069!

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