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Getting Rid of Toenail Fungus

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Toenail fungus is notoriously hard to get rid of. Just do a Google search, and you will see pages upon pages of home remedies, prescriptions, and more on ways to kill the fungus. But before we jump into our list, you might wonder why we aren’t looking at over-the-counter remedies. Simply put, they are not that effective, and some still need to be tested and approved by the FDA, so we are only mentioning treatments that have. Let’s explore a few of these and their efficacy.

toenail fungus before and after photos
Before and after nail fungus treatment.

1. Oral Prescription

The CDC says the first-line treatment is terbinafine and that it works up to 70 percent of the time in people who still have growing nails, and their cases of fungus are mild to moderate.

This drug can come with side effects – one being liver damage. But it’s only right for some. How well you’re suited to it depends on many factors, including your health and any other medications you’re taking. How long it takes to get rid of toenail fungus with oral therapies? About three months. Keep in mind that the nail still needs to grow out. So the fungus might be gone quickly, but it could be a year until your nails are completely clear again.

2. Topical Prescription

There are three main topical products for toenail fungus: tavaborole, which comes in a dropper; Efinaconazole, which is a cream; and one form of Ciclopirox, which has a brush and is applied like nail polish.

Why wouldn’t you choose these first over pills that you swallow? It takes about a year to get rid of toenail fungus this way—and that’s assuming you’ve been really diligent about applying the stuff every day.

3. Laser Treatment

The newest method to tackle nail fungus is laser light treatment. Essentially, a laser beam penetrates the thickened nail and destroys the affected tissue without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. Though laser toenail removal is a fairly new removal method, having been introduced into the medical community in the mid-2000s and approved by the FDA in 2010, the initial studies showed a clinical response rate of 87%.

One of the problems with traditional removal methods is that they take a very long time to administer, as we mentioned above, successfully. Topical creams usually must be applied for months, sometimes even years. Laser treatment, on the other hand, usually takes just one session.

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