What are OXYGENEO+ Facials?

OXYGENEO+ Facials combine 3 of the most effective facial treatments, exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation. Using these three together creates a procedure that is safe for sensitive skin and can reach into the deeper layers of the skin. Let’s talk a little about the 3 steps of receiving an OXYGENEO+ Facial.

Exfoliation is a key factor in successful treatment because it preps your skin for the next two steps. Utilizing a capsugen tablet helps stimulate the upper skin layer to remove dead skin cells, and prepares the skin to absorb nutrients. Exfoliation also gives the smooth, renewed feeling we love so much. From there, we move to the infusion step. The skin in cleansed again with capsugen. NewBright is then used for skin rejuvenation to brighten skin and improve skin texture. The final step of oxygenation uses CO2 bubbles that burst on the skin which cause a response of oxygen rich blood being sent to the treated area. This oxygen rich blood increases capillary flow as well as raising skin metabolism. The oxygenation also allows for prime absorption of nutrients in the facial products.

Clients who have received their own OXYGENEO+ Facial have seen plumper and more hydrated skin, natural glowing skin, reduced pore visibility, and improved texture/reduction of wrinkles. Patients with all skin types are welcome as it is a gentle procedure that can even treat sensitive skin without irritation. To schedule your OXYGENEO+ Facial, call Fairlawn Aesthetic at 330-801-9069 today!

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