Benefits of Cryo T-Shock

Lipolysis vs. Necrosis

            Cryo T-Shock by Pagani is an affordable, non-invasive treatment designed to treat cellulite and remove unwanted fat. Using state-of-the-art thermography and cryotherapy, this treatment sculpts and reshapes the body. First introduced in salons in Europe, Fairlawn Aesthetic is proud to be the first in Ohio to offer this amazing treatment.

            Unlike other methods of fat removal, Cryo T-Shock is non-invasive and painless. This technology induces “lipolysis” which is the breaking down of fat cells to reduce body fat. Other methods involve chemical injections, high intensity ultrasounds, or high heat to damage fat cells and cause necrotic cell death. Cryo T-Shock’s specially developed technique is safe and does not cause damage to other body tissues.

            The Cryo T-Shock method is specially designed and tailored to each individual and their needs. Cryo T-Shock comes in two different options depending on the results you hope to achieve. Cryo Slimming targets adipose or fat cells by starting the treatment with heat, then cold, and then heat again. This triggers “apoptosis”, a natural cell death and results in a safe, painless, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Cryo Toning is less intense and uses less cold to reduce cellulite and wrinkles rather than reduce fat.

           Cryo T-Shock is safe and effective, with the majority of patients experiencing result in just a few short sessions with no side effects. The occasional side effect may include local discomfort lasting no longer than two hours, mild itching in reaction to other cosmetic procedures, or muscle soreness in response to unintentionally engaging the abdominal muscles. Each of these symptoms were short-lived and disappeared later the same day. Fairlawn Aesthetic is proud to offer this amazing, slimming treatment to our patients. For more information and frequently asked questions please click here. Give us a call today at 330.801.9069 to set up your consultation.

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